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Cà del Vént

The Region: Franciacorta
Franciacorta, located in Lombardia, is Italy’s answer to Champagne. Often when I tell people this they respond with “so like Prosecco”. The answer is not at all like Prosecco. Prosecco is fruity and easy drinking wine, made in tanks and usually sold at a lower price.

Franciacorta is full blow Champagne Method. The wines are mostly made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and see a second fermentation before disgorging, just like in Champagne. While usually not as expensive as the French original, they are by no means cheap.
Cà del Vént
As a massive Champagne snob I had always looked down on Franciacorta. It is usually a bit too sweet for me and rarely that interesting. That was until I tried the wines of Cà del Vént.

A family owned organic estate located in the limestone rich soils of Cellatica, high up in the hills above the region. They have around 15 single sites on a series of picturesque hills all surrounded by woodland. Lovely. They have no set way of working, handling each site individually with different approaches to the winemaking depending on the fruit and vintage. Everything is fermented wild.
These are some damn tasty wines. They are unique in that they do not taste like Champagne, having their own unique profile and quality. Generally rich and complex with a minerally back bone a clear character for each cuvée.
Despite their obvious quality these wines are not sold under the name Franciacorta. In 2015 the wines were rejected by the local tasting board for being non-typical of the region, meaning not rich and sweet enough. 
Not always easy to find due to the small amount produced however they utterly unique and well worth tracking down. They are also excellent value when compared with a similar quality Champagne.

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