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Brash Higgins - Bloom 2015

Brash Higgins - Bloom 2015


Region: McLaren Vale 

Grapes: Chardonnay

Brash Higgins' 3rd vintage of 'Bloom', a complex, slowly aged white inspired by the "Sous Voile" wines of the Jura and Burgundy. Sous Voile - meaning "under veil", involves maturing wine for extended periods under a veil of yeast (called flor) which, given the right conditions, grows naturally on the surface of a wine in barrel containing a pocket of oxygen (achieved by leaving the barrels only partially filled). Bloom contains Blewitt Springs Chardonnay, matured for six and a half years in selected white Burgundy barrels, periodically adding some fresh white wine to feed the ‘flor’. 

The resulting wine is a rich amber in colour, with wonderfully complex flavours and aromas of honey, toffee apples, apricots, almonds, whisky and brine, and despite its intensity, it has impressive citrusy acid adding great freshness and lift.