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Frenchies - Le Temps des Cerises

Frenchies - Le Temps des Cerises


Size: 750ml

Alcohol: 7.6%

Barrel-aged in French oak barrels formerly maturing our Red Sour La Boussole this red ale has first been fermented clean in stainless steel with a mix of 2 yeast strains. At the end of fermentation half has been transferred into barrels while the other half has been cool crashed and decanted before being transferred to barrels. Once in barrels, it has aged with Australian sweet cherries, sour cherries, Belgian lactobacillus, pediococus and brettanomyces. After extracting oak, cherry and cherry pit character, the barrels have been blended to reach the perfect balance.

It is smooth and round with toasted cherry pit, vanilla, red berries and funk character, . It is worth swirling and oxidating in the glass to release it’s full presence. This Beer is alive.