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Bottle of Ngeringa Petillant Naturel 2021 750ml

Ngeringa - Petillant Naturel 2021


Region: Adelaide Hills

Grapes: Pink Semillon, Viognier, Pinot Noir and Syrah

Gorgeous certified Biodynamic Pet Nat from winemaker Erinn Klein, bursting with fruit purity and intensity. Vineyard health and biodiversity is at the core of everything that goes on at Ngeringa, and their wines are a testament to this philosophy, serving as strong proof that a conscious approach yields tremendous results and that when you look after the land, the land will look after you in return. You can't drink this and not think about happy and healthy grapes. At once rich and refreshing, bursting with fresh grapefruit, blood orange, citrus blossom and exotic flowers. A real summer treat.


Site(s): Grapes from all 3 Ngeringa vineyard sites: Rufus, Summit and Iluma.

Vintage notes: For the first time in a few years we had reasonable winter rains
going into spring of 2020 and also some good follow-up rains right into early
summer. A significant difference to the two previous seasons was no late season
frost, no hail and favourable weather around flowering for all grape varieties. The
vine carried a bumper crop going into veraison! A much milder than average
summer with no severe heat spikes resulted in a perfect long ripening season
allowing optimal ripening conditions for our biggest crop to-date, - over double
the quantity harvested from the minuscule vintages of 2019 and 2020. It’s rare
that amazing quality, concentration and finesse come together with a vintage of
good quantity.

Winemaking: A blend of whole bunch pressed Syrah and Pinot Noir Rose,
Viognier and Pink Semillon. The Syrah and Pinot were picked relatively early for
freshness and acidity, whole-bunch pressed and fermented in barrels and
concrete egg - shaped vessels. The Viognier and Pink Semillon were picked at
good maturity level to express the more exotic aromatics. Both were fermented
with about 7 to 10 days skin contact before also being pressed into barrels.
Once nearly dry, the Syrah, Pinot, Viognier and Pink Semillon were blended and
sweetened with some frozen juice to 14g/L before being bottled in the middle of
June 2021. Fermentation finished in the bottle resulting in a light bubbly
sparkling. No enzymes, no fining, no filtration.