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Bottle of l'Alezan 'Suspens NV' 750ml

l'Alezan - Suspens NV


Region: Ardeche

Grapes: Marsanne / Roussanne

A concentrated and powerful wine with serious structure. Notes of ripe peach and orchard fruits alongside spice notes. Strongly flavoured but with a serious mineral structure holding everything together. Impressive stuff. 



A type of solera system with grapes from 2017, 2018 and 2019. Marsanne and Roussane from their own vines which are 5-25 years of age, and grow on rocky sandstone (granite of Tournon) and loess. This site is 200M above sea level. Direct press, aged in tank and various sized old wood, with the final year in Tinaja. Zero SO2. Only 646 bottles made. The horse on the label was drawn by Patricia - it's of Rémi's first horse whose name was Suspens.


A tiny organic and minimal intervention estate based in the Ardeche. 

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