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Domaine in Black - Mariage Plus Vieux 2019

Domaine in Black - Mariage Plus Vieux 2019


Region: Alsace

Grapes: Sylvaner / Gewurztraminer

Mariage Plus Vieux is also a single parcel on clay of sylvaner (60 years old) and gewurtzraminer (30 years old). Here the sylvaner was pressed directly and the gewurtz added to the tank as whole berries.... where they floated away until the wine was ready for bottling.

This is extremely good wine. In the glass there is a hint of amber / coppery colour and a suggestion of maceration aromatically. The palate is beautifully composed with the structure and fruit being led by the sylvaner and the gewurtz playing a background role. But it really is more than the sum of it's parts...this is again a completely harmonious and unique wine. I'm honestly not really reminded of any other wine when I drink this...the style of fruit and structure make this wonderfully new experience and, for me, is a perfect example of Lambert's clearly outrageous talent. Highly, highly recommended.