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Bottle of Anders Frederick Steen 'Jumping on a cable car to where dreams go' 2018 750ml

Anders Frederik Steen - Jumping On a Cable Car to Where the Dreams Go 2018


Region: Alsace

Grapes: 50% Gewürztraminer / 50% Pinot Gris

"With this wine we have started like we did with the whites from 2015 - Two nights of oxidation of the juice after the press. Witch means I leave the juice in big open containers, for the dépôts to fall down and the fermentation to start in good way, We see the mousse of the fermentation very well in this way and follow it closely. We like that. Then 6 month of fermentation outside in fibre cuves, followed by 12 months of fermentation/élevage in barriques (old around 15 years)." - Anders

A long fresh taste of citrus and white flowers, with a light saltiness and bitterness from the barrique and the oxidation. Long fresh taste of citrus and white flowers, again with a light saltiness and bitterness. This wine has an elegant oxidation.