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Albariño is an aromatic white variety with thick skins and high acidity. It is grown on the Iberian Peninsula, both in Spain and Portugal (where it is called Alvarinho). In Spain, it is at home in Rias Baixas, Galicia - the greenest, wettest part of the country due to it's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

The grape’s aromatics include melon, peach, citrus and honeysuckle blossom and the nose is sometimes described as having an “SPC’ tinned fruit character. The wines can display a salty, seaspray tang, may feature a certain creaminess from lees work, and often have a phenolic, textured finish. They are known for their freshness and their ‘zip’.

Albariño’s acidity has much in common with Riesling and Gruner Veltliner, and leaner, less fruity examples are sometimes mistaken for Muscadet. If you like Albariño, it’s worth having a look at these other grapes too.

It is often touted as an ideal pairing for seafood and vegetable based dishes, and works with any food that you would think of adding a squeeze of lemon to.


Nanclares - A Grana Albarino 2018
Nanclares - A Grana Albarino 2018

Nanclares - A Grana Albarino 2018