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Region: Mt Etna / Sicily

Etna, already a paradise for wine entrepreneurs, is becoming more and more of inspiration for gin producers. The herbs that grow among the lava stones are an extra resource for Sicilian companies that have invested in one of the most popular liqueurs in the world, Gin.

Giuseppe Librizzi, born and grew in the countryside of Catania, is a former industrial engineer, 35 years old, with an insane passion to spirits and in particular to Gin. Few years ago, when worked in the company that produces Rossa Amaro (Sicilian blood orange Amaro) had the idea to create a unique Gin using the incredible Etna’s native products. In 2018 Giuseppe sold the shares it had in the amaro company and embarked on another adventure, founding Aetnae.

All spirits creations have been released after years of experiments and research. The spirit is obtained from Italian grown soft wheat with a degree of impurities below 5mg/l which preserve the natural flavours. Locally sourced flavours include orange blossom honey, herbs, citrus and local wine sourced from Mount Etna.

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