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Bottle of Les & Sez 'Somersault' Cinsault 2021 750ml

Les & Sez - Somersault Cinsault 2021


Region: Barossa Valley

Grapes: Cinsault

A light to medium bodied whole bunch Cinsault. Dark fruited with notes of cherry, raspberry and rose. Not super fruity, More savoury and earthy wine with chewy tannins and plenty of spice. Really interesting and enjoyable wine. Also a great example of Cinsault if you wanted to try this grape.




This wine had us spinning from the start. 100% Whole bunch Cinsault left to its own Carbonic devices for as long as possible. Basket pressed directly to one old barrique.


In their own words:

"Late nights, sticky ferments and copious bottles are responsible for this love story. Les (Tim Stock from Les Fruits) and Sez (Sarah Feehan from Parley) took time out from their own projects to make three little barrels of wine. Hand picked, hand de-stemmed, basket pressed and barrel fermented, the wine was an experiment in doing as little as possible to create a wild and unadulterated expression of fruit.

Les and Sez share a desire to experiment and push boundaries. Our wine will evolve organically and express itself uniquely each vintage by working with different varieties and trying out offbeat styles."