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Abruzzo (Italy)

« A region heavily focussed on a single grape variety but with more too offer, if you can find it »

A few important/interesting sites...

The most highly regarded region in Abruzzo, it is a land of undulating hill leading up into the mountains. The region is diverse with a mix of mostly clay and sand, with limestone coming into the mix as you head into the mountains.

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Abruzzo is a beautiful and rugged region located on the Adriatic Sea. The west is made up of the Apennine Mountain range and Maiella massif, the east a long coastline of green hills. The coast is warm with plenty of rainfall and sun, becoming more continental and cooler as you move into the mountains.

While there is plenty of good and interesting wine across the region, the wine produced is largely homogenous. Roughly three quarters of all wines are produced by co-ops from pergola vineyards in the warm province of Chieti, the vast majority of it from the Montepulciano grape. Chieti is the fifth largest wine producing province in Italy. Most of this production is inexpensive and easy drinking commercial Montepulciano.

The focus on Montepulciano (and to a lesser extent Trebbiano) continues with the official wine classification system as well. All red DOC and DOCG’s in the region must be majority Montepulciano.

Climate and Terroir
A warm and sunny region protected from storms by the mountains to the west but with more rainfall then in the south. Most wine is produced in the areas around Chieti in the centre of the region where it is warmer and more humid. Surrounding that there is a diverse mix of hills and river valleys with more diurnal temperature variation as you head into the mountains.

Grape Varieties
As mentioned the native red Montepulciano dominates the region at roughly 65% of all plantings. Sangiovese follows well behind.

For white wines Trebbiano Toscana (Ugni Blanc) and/or Trebbiano Abruzzese are the primary grapes followed by Adriatic whites Passerina and Pecorino alongside the usual internationals. 

Interesting natives such as Montonico and Cococciola are rarely seen but hopefully that will change over time. 

Antica Tenuta Pietramore - Passerina Superiore 2020
Antica Tenuta Pietramore - Passerina Superiore 2020

Antica Tenuta Pietramore - Passerina Superiore 2020

Bottle of Fiore San Biagio 'Cafone' 2020 750ml
Bottle of Fiore San Biagio 'Cafone' 2020 750ml

Fiore San Biagio - Cafone 2020